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  • 2019 Fashion Trend Forecast – Autumn / Winter Edition


    I’m kicking off my first fashion post of the year with a post on my 2019 fashion trend forecast. 

    Currently Instagram is full of people showing off their new Autumn/ Winter purchases.  At first I was a little disappointed by this – I was still wanting to cling onto Summer & wear shorts, floaty summer dresses & light denim jackets. Then I realised that it is September (which is technically Autumn), so I decided to take a tentative look in the shops to see what Autumn fashion treasures I could find.

    As someone who has a keen interest in fashion I want to have an idea of what 2019’s Autumn/ Winter fashion trends will be. So I know what pieces to look out for in store this year, and I figure you guys might too (since I’m guessing you’re into fashion if you’re reading this blog, or have followed me for a while).

    Some fashion trends you’ll recognise from last year, and some will be new. So here goes – my take on 2019 fashion trend forecast:



    The first 2019 fashion trend I’m going to mention is the suit. It’s definitely not the first time we’re seeing the suit being in fashion. Suits were big last year, and this year has been no different. Would I rock this trend – hell YEAH! You just have to check out my Instagram to see how obsessed I’ve been with the suit this season. I love the fact that suits can be dressed up with heels for the night or down with sneakers for the day. I hands down prefer wearing a suit over a dress – they allow you to manoeuvre so much more easily!  You get extra points for wearing a bright coloured one.  The bright blocked colour is going to allow you to make even more impact – in a good way! Do not be surprised if you see me wearing suits during the Christmas party season rather than the usual dresses.

    2019 Fashion Trend Forecast

    Puffy Sleeves

    I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that puffy oversized statement sleeves seem to be everywhere! I found myself on the hunt for one after seeing everyone & their Mum wearing one on the Gram. I managed to find this cute one (pictured below from) FemmeLuxe. The floaty chiffon style fabric top is the perfact match to a pair of boyfriend / Mom jeans. This outfit would be perfect for a date or drinks with the girls. I’ve also purchased this dress with puffy sleeves from Zara.

    2019 Fashion Trend Forecast


    Hair Slides + Head bands

    Who would have thought that school girl hair accessories would be a trend! I’ll admit one of my work colleagues forewarned me about this trend last year. She read about it in an interiors magazine! Well it said “hair ornaments” would be popular, but I’m pretty sure she was referring to hair slides as opposed to tiaras! I was skeptical about this fashion trend at first, but am now loving it! I take pleasure in searching for the cutest hair slides or HEAD BANDS online, and actually find it weird when I’m not wearing one. I’ve been converted… 

    2019 fashion trend forecast - hair slides

    Boyfriends / Mom jeans

    It’s official – skinny jeans are out, and boyfriend /mom / girlfriend (or whatever they’re called) are in! Says who you ask….ME! Jokes aside, skinny jeans will always hold a special place in my heart. However, surprisingly enough lately I’ve found myself more drawn to “boyfriend” style jeans. I never thought this would happen as I always thought being curvy, my hips were so wide that the jeans just ended up looking like they were skinny jeans anyway on me! However, thanks to stores like Topshop, ASOS & Boohoo having such a broad range of sizes & lengths – it’s meant that I’ve been able to find several pairs of boyfriend style jeans that I think look good on me. It’s been nice to wear a more relaxed fit jean during the Summer months. 



    This is going to be the final 2019 fashion forecast that I mention in this post. Any fellow goths like myself ,or indeed those that prefer to stick to neutral colours might cower away from this trend. Word on the street is that purple will be THE colour for Autumn/ Winter. A trend like this could set my pulse racing since we all know how much I like to wear black or dark colours in general, but I’m going to try to embrace in!  Plus I find if you wear different colours to what you usually do, people tend to notice & complement you – which is always nice! If you’re someone that usually wears a lot of dark colours, I challenge you to wear something purple (or a shade similar). Or even (start easy) and wear an outfit consisting of  no black!

    Fashion Trend Forecast

    2019 fashion trend forecast - This image is designed for Pinterest


    So there you have it – my guide to 2019 fashion forecast! Let me know in the comments if they’re any other Autumn Winter 2019 fashion trends you’ve heard about for? Also if you have any other posts you want to see on here then leave those suggestions in the comments as well.


    Also, for daily fashion inspiration & to see me implicate some of these trends in my wardrobe then follow me on Instagram! Plus if you fancy another read – then check out my personals goals post.


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