Hi, I’m Hannah Lewis, I’m a mid-size fashion blogger/ micro-influencer (that word makes me cringe!) who lives in Bristol.

You’ll find posts on this blog on a range of topics such as; fashion -specifically mid-size fashion as I fall into that category myself as mentioned above. Even more specifically high-end high street fashion – as your gal likes quality but doesn’t have the coin for designer! Not only that I’ll be blogging about beauty (as I believe fashion & beauty go hand-in-hand), as well as lifestyle posts.

I have previously worked with some incredible brands such as; Missy Empire, Ikrush, The Body Shop, Palmers, Always & Tiktok.

You’ll find me trawling the Zara website/ checking the physical Zara store in the city where I live (sometimes daily I’m embarrassed to admit), or posting daily style inspiration pictures on my Instagram.

Aside from this blog I also have several social media platforms. If I’m honest Instagram is the main platform that I use. For daily fashion outfit inspiration posts follow me on there. I’m trying to use Twitter more (because not everyday Instagram!) – so follow me over there if you fancy it! For any followers that I have that might be “old-school” I have a Facebook page.

Heck I even dabble on Youtube occasionally, so if you’re feeling extra nice then please subscribe to my channel….

Hannah X