Amsterdam – Part 2 + My First Youtube Video !!!

Here goes my second post on Amsterdam, but more importantly my First Ever Youtube video! Anyone that knows me well knows I’ve wanted to start a Youtube channel for the longest time ever. Long before I wanted to start Instagram (because I was watching bloggers on Youtube wayyy before Instagram even existed). I’m not sure what toke me so long – I think I was too nervous about what I would look like on video and whether I had the confidence to talk to people on camera (that plus not having a set up/ place to film at home!) But I’m finally putting up my first video now. It’s a vlog of my trip to Amsterdam. It’s not perfect as it’s my first video but I hope to put up more videos in time and improve! Hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to please subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my future uploads (and like & comment). Also comment on this post any future videos you’d like me to film.

Hannah X



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