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  • My Personal Goals 2019 – First blog post of the year!

    My personal goals for 2019! *DISCLAIMER: I actually started to write this post back in March, but I’m embarrassed to say it’s taken me until now to put the post up. So this post is more like my “Mid-year and then some” personal goals for 2019!

    Since these sorts of post seem to be the “in thing” in the blogger world I thought I’d do one. I’ve realised I’m very funny about personal goals – in fact I was quite reluctant to do this post. Why I don’t know… I’m not one for New Years Resolutions (you’re over half a year too late I hear you saying!) In fact before long it will be time to set 2020’s resolutions!

    Image from my personal goals blog post. This image is from a fashion shoot done in London.

    I do have goals  – in fact I’m sure everyone has. The truth is I prefer to keep my personal goals to myself. Why you might wonder?

    • I’m a private person although I post on Instagram frequently (daily in fact! – *cough follow me on Instagram), I only post what I want people to see (like many bloggers or micro-influencers do – I hate that word)!
    • If I don’t tell people what my personal goals are then I don’t have to worry about what people will think if I don’t achieve them.
    • I know what my goals are & I’m the type person who will tell people once I HAVE achieved them.
    Image from my personal goals blog post. This image was taken in London.

    What I’ve realised though is that it’s a good idea to write my goals down in a physical form (this blog post)! Then I can reflect back in the future & see how I did with achieving them. Plus recently I’ve read studies that say you’re more likely to achieve your personal goals if you write them down! So here goes (I’ve tried to split them into categories for ease of reading)!

    UPDATE: I decided to keep the personal goals I made when I first started this blog post in March, but then in this italic font update you guys how I’m doing so far with the goal.

    Image from my personal goals blog post. This image was taken in London.

    “Blogging” Personal Goals

    I write “blogging” as I’m not a real blogger. I always feel a fraud if anyone ever refers to me as one. That’s because Instagram is my main platform I use at the moment. I guess a lot of blogging has gone over to Instagram …but that debate is for another time

    • Grow my Instagram – I was lucky to grow the audience I have on IG in 2018. I only started my account last year & have been posting consistently on there for just over a year. Of course I would like my account to grow more this year.
    • I want to be more consistent on this blog – And this time I’m serious! I’ve had the debate with myself are written blogs dying, has blogging gone completely to the Gram etc But I don’t care. I want to have a blog for myself – written blogs were the first form of blogging I knew (long before Instagram, Twitter or any other app), and they hold sentimental value with me. *UPDATE: I’ve definitely not managed this so far, as this my first blog post of the year! (Hangs head in shame)
    Image from my personal goals blog post. This image was taken in London.

    Blog organisation/ prioritising

    • Start batch working. I’m good with doing this with Instagram but I need to start doing this with my blog. I need to write more than one blog post at a time so I’m not panicking about having content to upload & therefore not uploading any. So know when you’re reading this (in theory!)  – I should have another blog all ready & waiting to upload.
    • Pick 1 or 2 social media platforms to focus on. I work full time & can not manage to do them all! I need to stop comparing myself to people that do blogging full time & realise that they have a lot more time than me to focus on this. UPDATE: Instagram is definitely still my platform of choice but I have been using Twitter a bit more – you can follow me here if you fancy. I still can’t decide whether I want to focus more on this blog or Youtube.
    • Go to more coffee shops….to work: it turns out it actually makes me work more productively. I’m sat in one right now writing this post!
    • Pick a niche for my blog – so I can create useful content for people in that audience. UPDATE: My blog / content I create provides outfits ideas & style inspirations for “mid-size” millenial women with busy careers / lives.
    Image from my personal goals blog post. This image was taken in London.

    Now for the serious stuff (and I need to hurry up as this post is getting long!)

    WERK WERK WERK – Personal goals for work

    • Yes I do work full time (my career is actually completely opposite to what I blog about!) I’m currently in a training position, and in short I need to complete the training so I can progress to the next level in my job (very ambiguous I know) It will mean more regular hours for me – so I can have more time to spend with family, friends & on this blog!
    Mid-sized fashion Instagram blogger

    Health, Fitness (and are they calling it Wellness these days) – Bleurghhh

    I’m joking! Of course I realise the importance of this.

    • I’m going to admit another embarrassing fact (I’m baring all here!) I have a gym membership & I’ve only been a handful of times this year. Surely I can’t be the only one!  I need to get back into it (or at least start taking the stairs more at work!) I’ve been thinking about getting a personal trainer for a while now, & I need to at least enquire about it. In all seriousness something has to change, as I know my BMI could definitely be improved. UPDATE: This still needs a lot of work. I’ve just moved so have actually cancelled my gym membership! However, I’m going to start walking to work so that’s a 45 minute walk each way. I also want to start doing toning exercises at home as I have more space, and am considering joining another gym closer to me. I’ll update you guys in a few months how I’m doing!
    • The generic I need to go on a diet goal. I’m not going to say diet as that’s considered a bad word these days (also I’m a mid-size blogger & proud of it!) However, I do need to seriously try to eat more healthily – haribous are not good for me! UPDATE: All I can say right now is this still NEEDS WORK!
    This image is from a fashion shoot in London. It has been designed with Pinterest in mind.
    • All jokes aside as I said above I have realised I do lack confidence in myself. If I don’t believe in myself then it’s unlikely my personal goals will come true! In fact everyone around me friends etc seem to take my goals seriously & believe in me, & it’s me that doesn’t. That HAS to change!

    And now guys….I’m wrapping up this post swiftly. So they are my personal goals for 2019. I’m hoping you grabbed some snacks throughout this post. I always worry I won’t have anything to say in a post, then can never stop writing – does anyone else find that?

    Did you set any personal goals for 2019? Are you “on track” to fulfil them? You can let me know in the comments (I won’t be offended if you don’t as I’m always shy about sharing mine). If you’re feeling generous then I’d love it if you could SHARE this post, or even check out my last post on here.

    Speak soon x

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    *Photography by Sarah Ellen photographer

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