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    Although I mainly focus on fashion and beauty I want to use this blog to allow me to talk about other areas. In this post I am going to talk about an event I attended at The Cuban. At the moment I am fairly new to blogging, so I was really lucky to be able to attend an event at the The Cuban through the Bristol Bloggers Facebook group. This group is comprised of bloggers in Bristol (there’s a FB group and Instagram page which I suggest anyone joins if they live/ spend a lot of time in Bristol -@bristolbloggers). The event was also hosted but Socialight (if you’re an influencer check them out for opportunities to work with brands (IG: socialightapp).

    The Cuban is a bar/ restaurant in the heart of Bristol near the harbourside – it’s really easy to find. It’s a Cuban bar (as the name suggests). The blogging event was held because they were revamping their menu. It was to give bloggers a chance to sample the new menu, and see what they thought. This was actually my first “proper” bloggers event that I had been to at the time, and I definitely chose a good event to start with! I’d been to the Cuban before once a number of years, and knew about the bar because one of my friends had done salsa dance classes there. The Cuban has a large dance floor area for people that do enjoy dancing, and I do believe they hold a number of dance classes there throughout the week.

    The event started with the barman making a selection of cocktails for us. We were all given a mojito which was delicious. There were lots of seats around a large bar area that we sat at whilst watching the cocktails being made, which is nice if people just want to go for a drink and sit at the bar. For anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol – I highly recommend trying some of the bars’ mocktails. I loved the Cuban Fruit Punch (I had two!)

    After the cocktails, we moved over to our table for food. We were allowed to try anything on the menu – which I thought was very generous of the Cuban! There were lots of options to choose on the menu – lots of which sounded delicious, but in the end I chose the calamari and chicken paella. You can never go wrong with calamari, and I chose the paella as I wanted to go with something different to what I usually go for in restaurants. It’s worth noting that the paella had three different options; vegetable, chicken and seafood. Which is something not all restaurants offer. Both my starter and main meal tasted great, but not gonna lie I was kinda jealous of the people that ordered nachos as a starter. (Even though it wasn’t really a starter – more like a good sharing dish – as the portion sized looked massive!)

    After the starter and mains, we were given a selection of the restaurant’s desserts. So there’s definitely something on the menu for all those with a sweet tooth. Also, lets not forget the live entertainment (singing) that we enjoyed during the meal. The music was exactly the right volume. It gave a good background atmosphere, but you could still hear each other talk. Overall I think the Cubans’ new menu options are very good. The bar offers something for everyone – if you want a meal you can sample their new menu or if you want to go for a drink with some friends they do great cocktails and nibbles (try the nachos!), and there’s a plenty of room to dance as well. I think it would be a great place to pre-drink before going on to a club. The staff are also friendly, which is always nice.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my night at the Cuban, and would recommend it to others. I would also visit the bar/ restaurant again myself. Thanks to @bristolbloggrs – Heather (who founded the groups), Socialightapp, and (of course) The Cuban for organising the event and having me!

    If you want to check out The Cuban bar website click here: http://www.thecubanbristol.co.uk

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