What Is Liketoknowit?

What is Liketoknowit? That’s a question I used to wonder the answer to when I used to see bloggers on Instagram tag it or put a caption under an image saying “I’m using Liketoknowit.” It’s actually quite simple. The app allows you to “shop” a bloggers feed. You just take a screenshot of the image on Instagram and then open it on the app (or receive an email about the products). You can also do it with Liketoknowit images on Snapchat, Pinterest & other places on the web.

The reason why I’m doing this post now? Well the first reason is obvious because I now have a profile on the app so I’m letting people know they can now find me on their, and secondly just to help people understand what Liketoknowit actually is (if there’s anyone else like I used to be who’s confused what the term means).

I love shopping (obviously!) and enjoy trawling through shop websites sometimes, however I don’t always have the time or want to. If I see something on a blogger that I like I much prefer it if the link is provided for me and I can just go straight to the link. The Liketoknowit website does this. I had the app before I made my own profile on their as I started seeing more and more bloggers on there –  so I could “shop their feeds.” A lot of the bigger bloggers don’t always tag every item they wear, and get so many comments they won’t always see if you ask them where a particular item is from.

I get a lot of people asking where I brought items from that I’ve worn in pictures, and using the app will provide people with all the information they want. I’m still getting used to using the app but I’m going to try and eventually be uploading all my outfits on there.

Disclaimer: Obviously as well as giving followers information on where there outfits are brought from there’s a recent why bloggers use Liketoknowit. It is a affiliate scheme. By this I mean if someone happens to purchase one of my items listed, I would receive a small amount of commission. This would not affect the price you paid for the item at all. For a small blogger like I mean I probably would’t receive many clicks on my items, but for bigger bloggers this is how they make some of their money. It’s not a bad thing – a lot of people do blogging as their full time job. They need to create an income, so it just allows them to carry on creating the content they make for their followers.

If you’re a blogger and don’t use Liketoknowit, you may want to check out the app and see if using it might be beneficial to you and your followers.

You can find me on the Liketoknowit app now. My username is @hannahj.lewis I’ll also be uploading some images on my Instagram that you can screenshot and use on the app so you can shop the clothes I’m wearing. There’s also now a ‘Shop My Wardrobe” section on my blog if you’re don’t have Instagram (shock!) or you just prefer to view items on a laptop or bigger screen.

I hope this post was useful. I may start doing a series of “educational” posts on other apps explaining what they’re for for people that don’t know what they do. Let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea, and if so what apps you want me to discuss. Also let me know if you use Liketoknowit as well, and what your username is so I can follow you.



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